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Chapter Committees:
Growing Leaders - Healthy Lifestyle
  2/19/2022  - Dash for Ag
The Winder-Barrow High School FFA Chapter will collaborate with Farm Bureau to host a Dash for Ag 5k run on February 19,2022. This event will be held at Sandy Creek park in Athens, Georgia.
Growing Leaders - Personal Growth
  1/19/2022  - Overcoming Fears Workshop
On January 19 of 2022 the winder barrow high school FFA chapter will host a over coming fears workshop. AT this event members will write down 3 fears they have on a piece of paper. After they do that members will gather around the fire and one of the members will volunteer to talk about there fear and the ways they can overcome there fears once the member is done with that they will burn they piece of paper and start overcoming there fears day by day. 
Growing Leaders - Scholarship
  12/20/2021  - Scholarship Workshop
The Winder-Barrow High School FFA chapter will host a scholarship workshop to support seniors futures in FFA on December 20,2021 . Through this workshop seniors in FFA will fill out and complete the Farm Bureau scholarship and many others that can help impact their futures.
Growing Leaders - Career Success
  3/9/2022  - Ag Career Tours
The Winder-Barrow FFA Chapter will be hosting the Agricultural Career Tour (ACT) on March 24, 2021 which is National Ag Month. It will showcase local jobs in the agricultural field by having Winder-Barrow FFA members virtually tour 3 local agriculturally related businesses. Students will observe local career and entrepreneurial opportunities within the agricultural industry and understand the skills and education required for those jobs. 
Strengthening Agriculture - Chapter Recruitment
  3/12/2022  - Fishing Lure Workshop
The Winder-Barrow High School FFA will host a workshop at Fort Yargo State Park on Saturday, March 12, 2022. Current FFA members, non-FFA members, and middle schoolers will have the opportunity to sign up and  build fishing lures with the FFA officers. Spots are first come, first serve.
Strengthening Agriculture - Safety
  3/16/2022  - Agricultural Safety Workshop

The WBHS FFA will conduct a workshop over topics of agricultural safety. This event will cover the common safety precautions taken when handling animals, equipment in an ag shop, and general safety when on a farm. During this workshop, the WBHS FFA officers and various supporters of the WBHS FFA chapter will come together to discuss the topics of livestock safety, equipment safety, chainsaw safety, shop safety, and first aid.

Strengthening Agriculture - Agricultural Literacy
  2/16/2022  - Commodities in the Classroom
Commodities in the classroom is all about learning about Agriculture and the FFA. The WBHS FFA Sentinel and Secretary will go to Winder Elementary School to do different activities to teach the students more about Agriculture.  
Strengthening Agriculture - Agricultural Advocacy
  2/18/2022  - Letters to Legislators
The Winder-Barrow High School strengthening ag committee and advisors will be conducting a day to write letters to Georgia legislatures on 2/18/2022. The advisors will allow their students during their periods to write to legislatures of their choice. Each letter will project the FFA members gratitude towards the legislatures. 
Building Communities - Human Resources
  12/15/2021  - Bringing Joy
The Winder-Barrow High School FFA chapter will work with Barrow County foster families to provide gifts, toys, and Christmas hams during the holiday season. 
Building Communities - Citizenship
  2/15/2022  - Breakfast with Barrow's Best
The Winder-Barrow FFA members will get in contact with local community leaders in Barrow County on February 23, 2021. They will have virtual meetings on Google meets. All members and guest will have breakfast provided in courtesy of Winder- Barrow FFA. The members and guest will talk about their roles in the community over breakfast. 
Chapter Officers:
Addelynne Pierce
Jacob Yother
Hayden Lane
Alexis Ryan
Brooklynne Mitchell


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