Winder-Barrow FFA
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  Student Leadership  
Chapter Committees:
Growing Leaders - Leadership
Growing Leaders - Healthy Lifestyle
Growing Leaders - Personal Growth
Growing Leaders - Scholarship
Growing Leaders - Career Success
  3/30/2018  - Agricultural Career Tours
Strengthening Agriculture - Chapter Recruitment
Strengthening Agriculture - Safety
  3/14/2018  - Animal Safety Workshop
The Winder-Barrow FFA will host a short seminar discussing common safety practices in vet hospitals, local barns, and laboratories. Following the seminar, students will have the opportunity to practice their newly acquired skills and knowledge on animals brought by the advisors.
Strengthening Agriculture - Agricultural Literacy
Strengthening Agriculture - Agricultural Advocacy
Strengthening Agriculture - Support Group
Building Communities - Economic Development
  3/10/2018  - Helping Hands
The WBHS FFA will go to our local Tractor Supply and volunteer. The WBHS FFA will be volunteering to help out with the vaccination day that they do every month. This will help Tractor Supply because they wont have to pay us for the work.
Building Communities - Environmental
Building Communities - Human Resources
Building Communities - Citizenship
Building Communities - Stakeholder Engagement
Chapter Officers:
Zoe Demos
Delaney Parr
Vice President
James Tuggle
Tiffany Tyson
Ariel Lewis
Sarah Lampp
Michael Barnes


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