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Ag Ed Courses

All pathways within agricultural education must begin with the Basic Agriculture Science class. Once students have successfully passed this class,  they can take any agricultural class within the following pathways. To complete a pathway, the student must have completed all three courses. Students completing a pathway will take an End-of-Pathway Assessment. 

Agricultural Mechanics & Metal Fabrication - Mr. Hale
Courses within the Pathway:
1. Basic Agriculture Science 
Agricultural Mechanics Technology (WBHS)
3.  Agricultural Metal Fabrication (WBHS)

Plant and Landscape Systems - Ms. Kickbush
Courses within the Pathway:
1.Basic Agriculture Science (WBHS and SIMS)
2.General Horticulture and Plant Science (SIMS)
3. Nursey and Landscape (SIMS)

Veterinary Science- Mrs. Best
Courses within the Pathway:
1. Basic Agriculture Science (WBHS and SIMS)
2. Animal Science Technology and Biotechnology (WBHS)
3.Veterinary Science (WBHS)



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