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Basic Ag

Course Description:
This course is designed as the foundational course for all Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources Pathways. The course introduces the major areas of scientific agricultural production and research; presents problem solving lessons and introductory skills and knowledge in agricultural science and agri-related technologies. Classroom and laboratory activities are supplemented through supervised agricultural experiences and leadership programs and activities. This course is the prerequisite for all AFNR pathways and is intended for students in grades 8-10.

Notebook Table of Contents:
  1. Signed Syllabus
  2. Signed Policies
  3. Student Survey
  4. Syllabus Test
  5. Safety Test Study Guide
  6. Safety Poster
  7. Safety Notes
  8. New Horizons Worksheet (Call of the Quail)
  9. Textbook Work Unit 5 (p.77) Terms and Questions at end of chapter (A and B)
  10. Basic Ag SAE Packet: Includes SAE questions and Crosswords. Include the Proficiency Poster
  11. SAE Login/Planning Form
  12. 3-Ring Model 
  13. Emblem Notes
  14. Official Dress Note Worksheet
  15. FFA History Notes
  16. FFA Study Guide
  17. Favorite Paragraph of the FFA Creed
  18. Where the Fast Lane Ends Movie Worksheet
  19. Sub Packet Feb. 21-23
  20. History Timeline
  21. Ivy League Farmer Timeline
  22. Parts of the Plant Notes
  23. Plant Propagation Guided Notes
  24. Ag Industry and History Study Guide
  25. Ag Careers Word Search and Facebook Profile


Basic Ag Standards James Hale 8/13/2015 51 KB
Basic Ag Syllabus James Hale 7/27/2016 73 KB
Classroom Policies and Expectations James Hale 7/27/2016 76 KB



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