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Veterinary Science
The agricultural education course in veterinary science covers the basics of animal care. Topics covered include disease, parasites, feeding, shelter, grooming, and general animal care. The target population is career preparatory students desiring to continue education after high school or to enter the workforce after graduation from high school. College preparatory students benefit from the course as an elective if they plan to enter college and purse a degree to enter the veterinary profession. This course allows students entering the workforce after graduation from high school to develop entry-level skills to become employed and to continue education on the job.

  1. Signed Syllabus
  2. Leadership Points Sheet
  3. Safety Notes
  4. MSDS Sheet
  5. Safety Study Guide
  6. Vet Terminology Handouts 
  7. Vet Terminology Word Drills
  8. Directional Terms Handout
  9. Scheduling Appts
  10. Client/ Receptionist Activity Questions
  11. Inventory Worksheet



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